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My performance artist work began in 1974 and in conjunction with my time as a member of the Chicano artist group Con / Safo. To this date I have performed 16 Performance Art pieces. I created many improvised ritual movement pieces based in pure unconscious stream of action methodologies. Few elements were repeated and much was left to the movements formed in the moment.
Connections to performance and sensation, pain and artifice mark the artist. As a performance artist, the body must be laid bare either in presence, breath or gesture. While Performance Art by itself is artifice, the moment of expression must be real. You skate on the edge of artifice and at the same time the skating must be present, real and not "performed."  The body of the viewer becomes the medium of expression through the senses.  The body as bridge. The  artist crosses  back to the inner ground of the ancients.
The Xhaman as the first performance artist divining the healing energetics of possession and expression. The Shaman as the mystical hand that creates the path to a sacred home of divination and transformation. The Xicano performance artist can through the senses heal the wounds of civilizational intrusion and generational dissociation.
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